Our Partnership With ACBL

Our partnership with American Contract Bridge League can be a secret weapon for Easybridge!® success. Bonding our folks involves making them part of something larger than just themselves… if we can introduce them to the benefits of the League and encourage their membership, it helps US retain and keep them playing more in our clubs. It gives us yet another way to serve our customers.

It’s silly to tell you all the benefits of the League… you’ve been a member for years, so instead, let’s focus on HOW you can sell memberships to the League. It’s up to you to help your folks enjoy the benefits we have, and it’s easier than you think. And you can reap the harvest… for every ten new members, you get to hold an expanded Club Championship game! Your players LOVE them!

1. Refer to the Bulletin.

There are bundles of material for mini-lessons for you! Piles of ideas and explanations. “There’s a wonderful hand on page 18 of this month’s Bulletin that shows exactly how the Takeout Double can keep you in the action. By the way, if you want your own copy of this magazine every month, I have instant memberships available.”

2. Make a fuss over new members.

“Carol joined the ACBL tonight. Welcome to the family!” and start a round of applause. Some clubs have pictures of all their players, with a special area for those who are ACBL members.

3. Ask.

“You’ve been playing a while now, and it’s time for you to join the League to ensure your Masterpoints are honored and you get your magazine. Do you want to join today or next time you come in?”

4. Humor.

At every Easybridge!® game, say, “We’re having a special sale on League memberships tonight only. Just $49 but only tonight.” They get a kick out of hearing you say it weekly, and amazingly, it does encourage membership.

It is important to have Instant Memberships on hand. Don’t have any? Call the Club Department and they’ll get them in your hands FAST!

So, there you have it. We are all working hard to keep these new players and we need to take advantage of every asset.

ACBL membership is a GIANT HELP! Don’t miss out!